How to Succeed with an English Degree

An English degree teaches you how to communicate effectively, very important in skills like customer service and giving presentations -important aspects of some types of jobs. An ability to write without error is a cherished skill by those who may not have the same kind of skills. To them an English graduate has an almost magical mastery over language in that they never make a mistake. English degree holders can also be looked down upon, however. Sometimes an English degree may be viewed as all fluff by others who have majored in more concrete subjects like Science, Engineering or Medicine. Why do you need to be taught how to write and speak when you should already know how to do that anyway?

The trick is to advertise your degree as well as possible. Take all the skills that you have and apply them to what may be useful in the workplace; skills like creativity and research. Occupations where an English degree will really come in useful may be advertising or marketing where the need for correct presentation and creativity is high. Obviously, going into teaching English is another option or lecturing. Entering the publishing world can be competitive but is very acheiveable for English graduates, where you may use copy editing skills or your love of books to enter other divisions of publishing like sales. Journalism is another fantastic option but getting experience in writing and publishing articles should be got as soon as possible.

Finally, English graduates go into a wide variety of occupations in actual fact. You might find one working on the telephones at a call centre, one selling carpets or another working at a hotel. That is the great thing about an English degree; it is versatile and the scope for entering different jobs is wide. Other more vocationally based degrees may limit you as to what you can do when you leave university.

English teaches students about human nature in a way that hardly any other subject can compare. Here is a world of characterisation, plot twists and portraits of real people and events. This understanding of human nature and relationships can be helpful in a professional situation when dealing with people and even make someone to be more successful in their private life. Plus, being able to analyse a piece of text will always be in demand. Thinking about all these skills will help you to shine at a job interview.