How to Survive Living with an Inconsiderate College Roommate

Sadly, not everyone in college will be to your liking. It is important to be prepared for the fact that you may be paired with someone who outside of the college environment would not necessarily be considered a friend, let alone someone you would be willing to share a room with. If you sadly find yourself lost in an oddly mixed, eerily sitcom-like roommate environment, never fear, for there are a number of things that you can do and mindsets you can adapt in order to allow you to survive living with an inconsiderate college roommate. Here is a guide that features and showcases some helpful tips to allow you to make sure that inconsiderate roommates do not hinder your educational or personal time and enjoyment at college.

Coping and dealing with inconsiderate college roommates

Sometimes, the only option will be to just put up and shut up, basically meaning, you are on your own and nobody is going to help you other than yourself. It is up to you to deal with the situation and learn to live with it; one of the all-but too harsh truths and facts of life in general. So, do as the saying intends, and put up and shut up. There are so many things these days that can help you just forget about your inconsiderate college room-mate. If they play their music too loud, if they have their friends around playing video games or if they are just generally annoying and obnoxious, just quit complaining and deal with it.

Invest in earphones and blank them out while studying or revising, invest in a portable DVD or Bluray player complete with earphones to ensure that you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies in peace and comfort and make proper use of a laptop with wireless functions, again, to lose yourself in your studies or for your own personal entertainment whether it is writing, playing video games or keeping in touch with people back at home on Facebook or Twitter. It really is amazing what technology can do to keep you sane these days, it really is.

Seeking advice and action to deal with an inconsiderate college roommate

There may come a time when you simply cannot drain out their inconsiderate behavior anymore. If you find yourself suddenly immersed in this all but too familiar sitcom environment, never fear, there is some action you can take to ensure that they are put in their place. Most colleges simply don’t want people that are treating the educational environment as a doss house or their own lounge away from home. Ensure that you report inconsiderate roommates and their related inconsiderate behavior to higher ups such as college management, lecturers or even the headmaster or headmistress to ensure that they are dealt with appropriately. This could mean suspension or even permanent exclusion

Alternatively, if they haven’t really done anything too offensive to result in them being kicked out, you could simply request being paired with a likeminded roommate rather than a troublesome one that you do not get along with. Simply maturely and responsibly lay your frustrations on the table to the higher up in question about the roommate in question and state that you are nearing your wits end and that fisticuffs could be on the card in the near future. State that they are hindering your studies and revision and that you simply find it impossible to work in the same environment that they are living. Sometimes, intervention and removal is the answer; there is no law stating that you have top live with that roommate and in most cases, if you display issues living with someone, the management will simple pair each of you with new, better suited roommates, which subsequently results in the problem being solved before it becomes too much of an issue.

Talk about your issues with your roommate

The annoying roommate in question simply may not be aware that they are being inconsiderate. Consider the fact that like you, they have just moved to college from home. They are likely treating their college accommodation the way they treated their bedroom at home. If this is the case, they may simply not realize what they are doing wrong until it is pointed out to them. Of course, you have to actually socialize and talk to them in order to point it out to them. Simply speak to them, bring up the issues and hope that they make necessary changes to be easier to live with. If you are lucky, they will apologize and try to make changes to be less inconsiderate.

Of course, if you consider the sitcom mismatch environment once again, chances are you have a roommate that does know exactly what they are doing, but they simply don’t care and thrive off the fact that they are annoying you and being inconsiderate. These people, quite simply, are bullies and there is no place in college for bullies. Always report this sort of behavior to higher ups because these days, no college puts up with bullies and they will almost always be dealt with.

College is a very beneficial time of your life that can positively impact your working future. It can allow you to get a job that you love going to every day, and a job that allows you to start a family and support them for the rest of their lives. College should also be fun and enjoyable too, but sadly, it doesn’t always work out the way you want it. If you find yourself stuck in accommodation with an inconsiderate roommate, do something about it. Either put up, shut up and deal with it if it’s nothing too bad, speak to the roommate to try and make a more comfortable, enjoyable living environment and if all else fails, report their behavior to higher ups or management and either get them kicked out or simply get paired with a new, more like-minded roommate because in a college environment, you are never alone; there are probably ten, twenty or even more people making the exact complaint as you that are just begging for a new roommate; a roommate just like you.