How to Write a Good Paper for your English Class

Writing a good paper for your English class takes some skill, but it can be done. The biggest thing about writing a paper for an English class is that you are writing for an English class, and so you need to make sure that you are writing a good paper from a technical point of view. That means good grammar, and good spelling, and overall good command of the English language. The rest of the paper will come from that, but that is what you get graded on.

Make sure that if you are in high school that you are using the basic five paragraph essay. This means that you are going to write an introduction paragraph, 3 main paragraphs, and your concluding paragraph. It feels a little limiting, but i makes it so everybody is writing the same style, and that you learn the basics of writing a paper.

If you are in college, you should write at least three pages, and probably more. Depending on what the assignment guidelines are it could be a very straightforward paper, or it could be a challenge. Most professors use the question and answer format to write a paper, and some use a research format. If you get asked a question, try to get that question to somehow be your thesis statement.

Use at least one or two quotes for your paper. It makes it look like you value what other people have to say about the topic, and it makes it look like you actually did research. Some professors will actually require that you use a quote or two in some papers. It helps you get used to using quotes, which can be a little tricky sometimes.

Actually answer the question! Using good structure, flow, and transition, answer the question being asked. If the question asked is give three examples of sexism in the (insert novel here) give three examples. Make sure that you give three situations from the story, and make sure that you use good quotes. Also don’t forget to cite anything that you find, even if you are taking it from the book.

A good paper is going to be technically sound, and it will meet the guidelines of the paper. It should be the correct length, and answer the question that is being asked. It should include some quotes, and outside sources if possible. This just makes the paper look better from the point of view of the teacher. That is how you will get a good grade on your English paper.