How to Write an Essay in a Week

So here you are, procrastinating (or maybe not) until the week your paper is due. You have one week left to write an academic essay. Think you can handle it? Don’t get too cocky, that is where people go wrong. However, take a few tips from this author (who is, after all, a writer) and you will have that baby nailed in 5 quick weekdays.

Divide it up! You have about 5 days (make it 6, for Saturday if you happen to have a paper from hell). Harder subjects, longer essays, and complicated topics will need 6 days. If you feel confident in your ability to address the topic thoroughly within 5 days, then so be it, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Easy subjects, medium sized essays, and comparatively mediocre topics don’t require a large amount of effort, so stick with 5 days. If you do the “6 day option” then make the first 5 even, and the last one (Saturday) less. You will need that day to go over your article and ensure it is clean cut.

Stick to the schedule! All right, this goes without saying, but if you won’t stay on track and not stress then you absolutely must follow this step. Step up timers, alarms, other people to remind you. Whatever you do, do not forgo sticking to your times. Without this crucial step the whole plan will fall apart.

First day! This will set the attitude you have toward this paper. If you go at it with all your mental strength, then the paper will come out brilliant, and you will more than likely keep up that energy for the rest of the week. 

Take breaks! Studies have consistently shown that breaks are crucial when it comes to productivity. Do not forget lunch, snack breaks, exercise breaks, stretch breaks, because without these you will lose your focus and slowly mentally break down (at least to a point where you won’t finish the paper in time!). Small doses of natural sugar, like fruits, will get your brain pumping and productive.

Last day! The last day should be less stressful. You earned it! So make sure you only do half of what you normally do (i.e. 1 page instead of 2 pages like the other days). Review over your essay, work out any kinks, get a folder, and make sure your essay is in primp and prime condition for the big day!