Human Biology Research Paper Topic Ideas

Human Biology courses offer a wide range of topics for students to research beyond what is taught in the classroom.  It is common for students to research topics in the anatomy and physiology realms when deciding to write a research paper.  Human disease as it relates to human biology and function are also popular topics.  The following topics are great ideas for writing a human biology paper and also offer subtopics to expand the focus of the paper.

The heart is truly an outstanding topic to write about.  There are intricate physiology pieces to discuss in the heart such as blood flow, valve functionality and blood pressure.  A good research topic will cover the normal functioning of the heart and its tributaries (coronary artery, aorta, pulmonary artery and pulmonary vein).  The paper can also discuss diseases of the heart and their effect on normal physiology.  Diseases such as atherosclerosis and the accumulation of plaque are also great ways to compare normal structure and function to disease.

One of the most interesting human biology areas to write about is the immune system.  The immune system is a symphony of cells with specific roles in creating human immunity and the ability to fight disease.  Each part of the immune system has an important task in the daily fight to remove foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses.  Diseases like Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are good comparison diseases as they attack specific cells in the immune system.  Another great immune disease is Multiple Sclerosis, which still remain a mystery to most scientists.  This auto-immune disease causes the immune system to attack its own myelin sheath cells and slowly causes major damage to the nervous system.

An offshoot of the immune system topics can also lead a writer into a paper that discusses the differences in the types of immunity that exist.  Specific and non-specific immunity can be compared and contrasted to create a picture how humans fight disease.  A parallel to this paper can also be the manner in which we use vaccines in conjunction with our specific immunity.  The continued development of vaccines in response to emerging diseases is another great way to round a research paper to completion.

Another fascinating area to research is the brain.  Science is continually learning new things about brain functionality and how it applies to human function.  In the last ten years we have discovered how the brain can make new connections if it is continually exercised by utilizing mind activities.  These discoveries have helped Alzheimer’s patients retain some memory as the disease progresses.  There are also great research topics to be found in looking at brain development in infants as their interactions with adults helps to shape their ability to learn and function. 

Finally, the last area of human biology that is often overlooked in research papers is the pancreas and its role in metabolism.  The delicate balance of glucagon and insulin are paramount in maintaining the body’s ability to utilize the food that it consumes.  Too much or too little causes disease and can destroy the ability of a human to survive.  Discussing how diabetes plays a role in normal function and the differences in the types of diabetes are excellent offshoots of this research idea.