Hwo to Deal with a Noisy Roomate

College life is hard enough without having a noisy roommate. Noisy roommates are not only irritating but they are also inconsiderate and rude. They do not seem to care that their noise is affecting your ability to do your work. Dealing with a noisy roommate is tricky, but it can be done.

The first thing you will need to do is politely ask your roommate to keep it down, they may not know how noisy they are being and asking them may well be enough to make them keep their noise to a minimum. If it works, that is great and if it isn’t enough then at least you can say that you asked nicely.

Don’t give up, if they still do not keep the noise to a respectable level then keep asking them, you don’t have to be as polite as you first were, but if they think you have given up then you will not stand a chance. Repeatedly ask them to show a little more consideration, the repetition may be enough to get them to quiet down at least a bit.

Find out who the appropriate authority is (it’s usually the resident adviser) and discuss the situation with them. They will be able to offer a more effective solution and a bit of authority on your side is never a bad thing.

Getting in early and setting some ground rules is a great way to avoid any conflict, drawing up a written agreement can give both of you something to refer back to.

It may seem like admitting defeat, but noise cancelling headphones can be a great way to help drown out some of the background noise. They are highly effective and can alleviate some of the tension that is caused by the excess noise.

Fighting fire with fire sometimes works, but only sometimes. Be as noisy as they are being and if they question you on it then simply say that they are this noisy so why shouldn’t you be? It is not the most mature of solutions, but it might work.

If all else fails and it is having a negative impact on your work then you will need to consider reporting them to the residents association or whoever is in charge of your accommodation. Ask that either they are moved or you are, you can not be expected to live and work in a place that is unbearable.

Noisy roommates are no joke and can really get you down, but dealing with them can be done in a timely, efficient and fair manner.