Illegal Immigrant Children College – Yes

It seems odd that so many descendants of immigrants would chose now to cut off the new immigrants. Yes I think it is wrong that we have so many illegals in this country but punishing the children is not the way to stop the problem. Those children are not only citizens of the U.S. but of that state so legally it isn’t even a real debate.

The immigration situation is incredibly complex one, and you don’t just need to tug at heart strings to make the argument for these children. Punishing the illegals directly is hypocritical anyway. If you want illegal immigration to stop, or at least taper off you have to attack the source of it. Companies are the ones hiring illegal immigrants and then pretend to be surprised when they find out that they have some illegal employees. It’s easy to throw a person under the bus when they don’t speak the dominant language and aren’t liked by many in this country.

Only a comprehensive immigration policy which encourages a healthy level of legal immigration, while simultaneously making it easier to hire Americans and punishing hiring of illegals is going to put a dent in the problem. It is easy to say I don’t have a job and so many illegals do without looking into the reasons that is so. People direct anger towards those trying to provide for their family instead of where it really belongs. Blame the companies for not doing the right thing. Blame the legislators for making it easier and cheaper to hire illegals instead of citizens.

The children are not the bad guys here. In fact, they aren’t even illegals themselves! By taking measures to punish them we would only instill anger in their hearts. Instead of that why don’t we show them what America is all about? Let them get a good education so that they can add to our society. Even if they take our education and bring it to Mexico, that will not be a bad thing. If these American trained people can improve life in the ancestral land then that is a win win. It will improve our standing with them and improve their economic standing. That can help create a chain reaction that leads to less illegal immigration.

It is a misconception that illegals hate their country and just want to be here. Many of them love their country but cannot find any work. They send money back in hopes of improving the situation but their children could be a real key. We should even encourage that type of behavior. It can help us in the long run because as Americans it’s often hard, it seems, to look at the long run. If our country had 30%+ unemployment what would you do? Sit here and hope it gets better as loved ones and strangers alike are murdered because of a constant drug “war?”

It seems that with more knowledge comes more responsibility. The more responsibility people feel the better. We should not take away the privileges many have fought and died for. The only way to a better society is by a better example. Education is a keystone to any successful country. If we want to slow down illegal immigration we need to attack the sources not the symptoms.