Illegal Immigrant Education – No

There are two very distinct and plain reasons why children of illegal immigrants should be denied the ‘perk’ of lower rates offered by in-state tuition.

First and foremost comes the word Illegal. That single word right there should disqualify anyone from receiving any ‘perks’ or benefits of any kind. If that child was born in the United States and can prove such, then I would be willing to review the claim on a case by case basis. If, however, they were born in another country then they should be denied these tuition rates. They should be denied tuition assistance or any other form of government assistance. They should not be denied access to the college itself but they must fund their education without the assistance of local, State or Federal Government Agencies. Assistance from those agencies should be restricted to the citizens that pay taxes into those governments.

The second reason that they should be denied is the word “children”. If they are attending college, the odds are that they are over the age of 18. They are legally an adult. Have they registered with the Selective Service? Have they applied for legal citizenship through the proper channels? Are they registered voters? Are they tax payers? If they have done all of these things then and only then should they even be considered. However, they must sign an agreement that they will not return to their native country until such time as all loans in connection with their education have been repaid in full. They agree to be placed in a national database that would prohibit them from obtaining a passport, even if they receive citizenship status, until the loans are repaid.

I am in favor of anyone furthering their education and bettering themselves, however, many of our own citizens cannot afford tuition rates so why should we allow non citizens to occupy those seats? We need to find a way to educate American citizens, not citizens from other countries, regardless of how long they have lived in America. America is the land of opportunity, yet we must ensure that Americans get put at the front of the line over non-citizens when it comes to the spending of our tax dollars.