Importance of Sleep as a College Student

As a college student myself, I realize how important it is to get a good amount of sleep every night. Also as a college student, I realize how difficult this can be, especially since I live in a suite of 5 different people including myself. Both myself and my roommate realize the importance of academic excellence, and how sleep can easily deter academic success, so luckily we both try to maintain proper sleep patterns.

In college, often times many people will make noise at night, either with their talking, their television being too loud, or other distractions. Although it may not be the best idea to be picky when you first meet your roommates or suite-mates, I have found that once you get to know them and become fairly close, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them to turn something down or to be quiet. It could of course be because I was fortunate enough to have good suite-mates that are respectful of everyone’s needs, but I feel that most people would be courteous enough to let you sleep if that’s what you need.

Many studies have been done that clearly show the effect of proper sleep on academic performances. Students who are well rested and sleep well tend to perform much higher on examinations and be more attentive in class. This is the main reason why getting a proper amount of sleep during college is important. After all, with the price of college tuition these days, you certainly don’t want to waste it getting bad grades.

Another reason why proper amounts of sleep are important is because our bodies simply need it. We can’t live without the right amount of sleep, as our bodies simply don’t function the way they are meant to without it.

A tip for college students, don’t be afraid to take a nap in between or after classes. My roommate especially tends to take naps all throughout the day, which helps keep him well rested. Although I don’t nap as often as he does, I also find myself napping in order to stay refreshed and ready to go. You can’t forget that you need energy to perform homework as well. An important note here is to be careful not to oversleep and miss your class, so be sure your alarm is set and working, and to be safe it might be a good idea to have your roommate or suite-mate wake you up when it’s time to go.

I have found that the weekends can be the toughest times to get good amounts of sleep if you don’t go out, as many times if your roommates do go out, they will come home at 1-2AM and often times wake you up. For that reason, I recommend anticipating this occurring, and if you don’t like to go out, find a roommate that also likes to stay in, or that will be quiet when they come back (although don’t count on that happening).

Overall, sleep is a very important part of college life, despite all the rumors that you will be working 24/7 at college, it’s important to squeeze some time for naps and sleep in there also. You’ll find yourself feeling a lot better, and performing a lot better in academic situations as well.