Importance of the Sat – Yes

My entire high school career has been about getting ready for college. The academic affairs office in my school has focused primarily on getting 100% of the graduates to be accepted to a college any college. What they failed to notice the SAT. Sure, as a junior in high school, we had one meeting about taking the SAT and they offered a little workshop on test taking strategies. What they don’t offer you is how much such a test weighs on your college admissions.

When I initially took the test, my score was 1610 under the 2400 point system. That is an average score for a student, but when I looked at the admissions information for the college I wanted to attend (Virginia Tech) I needed to have at least an 1800. Yes, I was off by 190 points. I know that it wasn’t only on that, but the pressure was on. Getting into college is a national competition and a score like that keeps you from your dream school.

Academically, high schools do not prepare students for a test like the SAT. The primary objective of the curriculum is to get the students out of their doors and into the work force. For example, while I was taking the math part of the SAT there was a high amount of statistical information and calculations related to them. My high school’s curriculum does not require statistics. Actually, I followed a path that many intellectually inclined students do. I started with Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB, and now Calculus BC. Algebra One and Geometry had been completed in middle school. So when I got to the SAT, little facts like statistics were not something I had learned.

The SAT does not show college admissions anything, shockingly. It does not show the struggles a student went through. It does not show the exemplary work that the student has produced. What does it show? A student knows how to fill in bubbles as quickly as possible with a set amount of time given. A student can guess at words they have never seen, hoping that it fits into the sentence. None of these things, however, will help the student in college and work towards to getting a career.

The admissions process already calls for so much. Many colleges require recommendations, high school transcripts, a resume, even a well developed essay. The SAT does not provide much on top of what is demonstrated in your application. When I applied for college, the colleges I applied for required that I submit my SAT scores, but gave me the option to wave them. It’s obvious that colleges are realizing that the SAT does not prepare the student for college. I even retook the SAT for a higher score. The second time around I earned a 1790, ten points off from that Virginia Tech requirement.

If anything, the SAT proves that some colleges are not worth the time. It makes the situation that much harder and pursuing an education should be an easier task.