Improving Study Habits

It is important to note that life at the college is different from life at high school because students learn to do things independently. The degree of freedom in the college is overwhelming and if not planned for, would be a source of distraction to the student. Developing good habits for college is a personal decision that each student have to make. This will drive them to always evaluate themselves on how well they are faring with their behaviours.

Make Plans for College
Before students fully resume at college, they must first plan how life would be at the college. Students should get a diary and a pen to write what they would like to do and not do while at college, what they would like to achieve, how they would like to deal with issues, the kind of character they want in their friends.

Attend Lectures Regularly
It is very important for students to attend lectures on a regular basis. Students should go with their instructional materials to the class room and they should be very attentive in class. Also, they should participate as this would aid retention. When students are not clear on anything, they should always ask.

Understand Yourself
Some people are structured to read at day time while some prefer the night time. Some still prefer to read in isolation while some others read with their head phones and music playing. It is very important for students’ to study themselves to know when they can assimilate, what things aid their assimilation and where they assimilate; some prefer studying in their rooms while some others use the library. Try to understand your body structure as this would help you to be efficient.

Study after Lectures
It is very good to study lecture notes or jottings after each lecture; students should try to study the same day the lecture is been delivered as this aids retention and remembrance because the student will tend to have a mental picture of everything that happened when the lecture was delivered.

Eat and Rest Well
Students should strive to get a lot of rest as well as eat well before lectures and study because the brain uses a lot of energy while assimilating and needs rest to store, organise and reproduce what has been read. Students should endeavour not to feed only on junks but should feed on balanced diet that would really help the body and the brain. This way, the brain and body would not wear out and students would enjoy their study life.

Do Assignments on Time
Assignments are meant to be concluded when a student is studying. Therefore, students’ should conclude assignments early and not rush when the time of submission is due. Assignments should also be submitted early; students should make sure that they meet their deadline.