Inventory Check

After 3 years in college, besides learning some fascinating new things, I have discovered the importance of having your own COMPUTER. I remember sitting on the computer for hours and hours a day doing papers, editing projects, keeping in touch with friends and family etc. That is why a computer is first on the list. It will be your everything the next few years.

The next on the list is the one ABBA sang about. MONEY MONEY MONEY! Don’t rely on ATM machines, cause sometimes they fail to work when you need them the most and sometimes it’s just your bank account that has 0 money in it. Bring enough money to get you through the time you are away from home. You will need money for when you’re hungry and you have no time to make your self a fabulous dish, when you need to use the laundry, when you go out at night and so on.

Another fateful means is a HEATER of some kind. That is if there is no heater included in your dorm. If this is the case, you must bring one with you.

If you are a girl then you definitely should get a HAIR DRYER or HAIR STRAIGHTENER. When you are having a bad day it would really come in handy.

Ever felt scared entering a shower hundreds have entered before? Well, your worries are legitimate. Just put on your faithful FLIP FLOPS.

If you like going out to restaurants, clubs or pubs and you think you will have the time for it, then don’t forget to pack some “NICE” CLOTHES and any other item you usually put on when you’re out partying. Even if you’re not much of a spontaneous person, you never know when the right invitation may come up.

I guess CELLPHONE goes without saying. that is why it is only 7th on the list. If you’re not old-fashioned like me, then your cellphone probably has all the advantages computers have, but it is still a must have. Sometimes it’s just not enough to IM you friends and a real conversation can only be held by actually talking to one another. So, please, do yourself a favor and let your fingers a short break from typing – you will need them for writing during classes, you know.

Decorate your room with your own TELEVISION and DVD. You can always use your computer to watch movies, shows and listen to music, but what would you do if it’s having a bad day? The TV may take a lot of space but it’s worth it!

A MINI FRIDGE is a must for those who can’t manage without their home cooked meals. It’s also good for midnight snacks. Imagine this scenario: you’re in your room, studying at 12:00 am, and suddenly!- your stomach starts to grumble. You think to your self it’s a good thing you have you mini fridge to help you.

And last, but not least, your very own MATTRESS. Yes, your room already has a mattress, but it is one many others have slept on. That is why you need your own mattress, so it would fit your body perfectly. A good night’s sleep is crucial if you want to make it through the morning and eventually through the next 3-4 years.