Is a College Degree necessary for Success – No

It does not take a college degree to be successful!

There are quite a number of people in the world who do not have a degree that are successful. I also know many people who do possess a college degree who aren’t even in the professions they had received it for and many are not successful. But what is success really? People define success differently. Some might see a lot of money as a standard for success. Some may see happiness as a form of success. As long as a person is happy with what they do for a living, and they are comfortable with their income they are successful, in my opinion.

A friend of mine barely finished high school took a job and worked as a manager for a furniture store for years. He made a good living. He had a house, two cars, and four motorcycles, but he wasn’t happy. The idea of working for someone else didn’t make him happy, but financially he was successful, although he didn’t see it that way. He decided a few years ago to start his own furniture business. Now, he owns two stores of his own. He doesn’t bring home the amount of money he used to, but he’s happy to be working for himself and he believes he’s now successful. The two stores he opened are doing well, and he did not need a college degree to become the owner of a store.

I do believe that certain occupations should require a college degree. Doctors, for instance, must go through medical school, and that shouldn’t change. But a degree isn’t a requirement to be successful. For some of us, on the job training is a better way to learn. You can always work your way up and end up being successful one-day. Attending college to obtain a degree may further a chosen profession faster, but that doesn’t always guarantee you will be successful. Today you can do just about anything without that college degree and become successful. Luck maybe involved but there are an endless amount of possibilities. And you don’t need a degree to do it.