Is a College Degree necessary for Success – No

Success can be measure many different ways. Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the American dream. Yet that dream is different from one person to the next. Is Bill Gates successful? Michael Dell? Both the these people had a passion or dream that would not be stopped. Both of them drop out of college and followed their dreams.

Success is measured by desire and pursuit. Where you heart is there your treasure lies a familiar passage from the bible sums it up. You can be successful without going to college. The main reason is that college sets you up to be a good employee. The difference is simple do you want to have freedom or comfort. College helps you get a job where you can live comfortable. Passion drives you to the level that you want freedom to do anything you wish. It takes longer , the risks are higher but the reward greater.

Success can also be measured without wealth. Mother Tresa, Kobe Bryant, most musicians, Actors, and comedians are successful. Some go to college but most just love the art or giving that they are consumed by it. They refuse to quit or give up. It is in this drive that they are able to become successful. Because they are willing to pay a price and give all of there heart to a cause.