Is a College Degree necessary for Success – No

With the changes in society today we do need more educated workers. The college system is probably a little more required to day but it is not the only way to a job or a successful career.
The more education you need to be successful seems to me to be a cop out in society. The biggest asset to success is still in a persons personalty. Employers don,t seem to have the time or desire to weed out the people who mite not want the work or want the career that the employer is offering. So half the job of recruiting of new workers is all ready done by hiring of educated workers. They are putting it on the collage system to help on selecting workers. A good attitude and a willingness to work should always be your biggest asset. On the job training will always be necessary so there should always be people with the right stuff to be successfully regardless of their education.
The college degree is a great idea and probably the way to go for the majority. After all that is what society seems to want.
On the other hand there will always be people who want to work and not go to school. Thy may not be a majority any more in western society but there must still be many people who just don’t want the be in school.
If we don’t accommodate these people it would be a great loss to society. All people should have the chance to succeed.
A college degree will only help start a person on the right path top a successful career. A persons success is still based on peoples need to be successful and always should be.