Is a College Degree necessary for Success – Yes

Yes, I college degree is vital for success, in my opinion. While many people are fortunate enough to be born into affluent families or have received some funds to start businesses that become successful, for the majority of us, we cannot move forward in this society without a college degree. Of course, along with a college degree, a person must be motivated to achieve and/or produce. Ambition is key. However, all the ambition and intelligence cannot break through some barriers and that is where the college degree becomes integral to success.

In my own life, I have been trying to complete my undergraduate degree for some 30 years now. I know that sounds like a ridiculous amount of time to many people, but it is the truth nonetheless. I planned on being a psychologist when I started college some 30 years ago, but soon became disillusioned with the field. Since the only skill I had that was marketable was typing and shorthand, both of which I took in high school to be able to take better notes in college and type my term papers, I became a secretary. I soon realized that I was constantly hitting the glass ceiling without my degree, so I began to take courses at night.

My marriage fell apart when I was 30 years old and I became the sole support of my three year old daughter. For some unknown reason, my husband refused to pay child support, so for the next 20 years I fought for her in Family Court and finally was awarded a small sum. Of course, by this time she was grown and on her way to completing her own college education, soon to follow with her Master’s Degree. Now my daughter is married with a child of her own and able to maintain a decent standard of living due to her educational credentials. I, on the other hand, am still trying to complete my bachelor’s degree with the time I have remaining in my life.

The jobs that interest me all require college educations. I can be a secretary for the rest of my life, God knows I have enough experience, but I want finally do something rewarding and of interest to me. I am pursuing my degree is Art History and if completed, that will open the doors to areas like museums and academic fields not available to me without the degree.

Most people would chide me and say that it is hopeless after all and that I should be realistic and accept the fact that my degree will be forever out of reach. I will not accept that idea because after working over 30 years at jobs that I did not like merely for the financial aspects of them, I know that my degree will make a difference in my life. By the time I achieve it, I will, of course, be older; but even so, I will have finally attained my goal and will have enriched my life irrespective of the time it took.

A college degree, even if not applied to one’s life, opens up the world and illuminates the many possibilities that can be reached through education. If nothing else, it reveals to us the cultures and ideologies that make up this universe that we inhabit, which we would not be exposed to if we did not become educated.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a college education. I am living proof of someone who has realized its importance more with each day of my life. Education is never wasted as an educated person becomes aware of his or her place globally and changes their perception of their worth. Only a college education taken seriously can do that.