Is College necessary for Success

College is still considered by many to be the pathway to building a successful career and life.  In the past, earning a college degree used to be considered a challenging accomplishment.  Because not everyone could afford to get in to colleges and universities, the opportunity to attend college was slim.  In decades past, the college graduates were the people who were the leaders of companies; the big bosses.  College graduates would be the first ones to be offered opportunities to advance within companies.  Nowadays, people are pursuing their own home-based businesses as well as other career ventures whether they have college degrees or not. 

A college degree is no longer an automatic guarantee of success.  Now that the opportunities to attend colleges and universities are available to pretty much anyone who wants to attend, having a college degree does not give anyone as much of an edge anymore.  Government student loans and loans acquired from financial institutions have made it possible for anyone with a dream to attend college to be able to go.  College graduates who apply for jobs should expect to understand that there will be other people being interviewed who are also college graduates.  How are college graduates supposed to stand apart from the competition when their rivals for jobs have similar and possibly better educational credentials?  Even a job candidate who earned the best grades at her school cannot be guaranteed a job. 

The reason why most college and university students even go to school is because they have hopes that having a degree will increase their chances of getting good jobs.  All one needs to do is examine the worldwide Occupy Wall Street movement that started on September 17, 2011 to understand the reality.  Occupy Wall Street started as a movement to protest greed, corruption, and high unemployment.  Many of the supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement are people who are frustrated with the lack of available jobs in this economy.  Many people are frustrated because they spent a lot of money and time working on their degrees, only to face bleak employment prospects. It is important to understand that NOTHING can guarantee that you will get a job; not a degree, not good grades, and not the reputation of your college of choice. 

Is college still the path to success?  That depends upon what you want to do.  Professions in the medical field, science field, legal field and education field require that employees must have degrees in order to work.  However, it is possible to work in other fields without having a degree.  While it is true that having a degree can open doors for job candidates, it cannot guarantee that job seekers will get hired.  Having a degree will also not guarantee that job seekers will even ENJOY the jobs that they are hired for. 

Completing a college degree is certainly something to be proud of because of the time, work, and dedication that was required to earn it.  Many people learn a lot of useful information and life lessons from their days attending college.  Those learning lessons can help anyone lead to success and possibly to entrepreneurship.  Many successful entrepreneurs have college degrees, and many successful entrepreneurs do not have college educations.  Many entrepreneurs make more money than people who are working for employers.  If a college degree is not making it easier to get hired for a job, it could be a sign that becoming a business owner would be a better choice.