Is College Worth it

Pursuing a college education is a worthwhile experience for people who are enrolled in college programs that they strongly suspect will help them to excel in their chosen careers.  Not everyone is cut out for college.  Not everyone who pursues a college education will end up getting a job related to the degree they pursued in college.  Contrary to popular belief, having a college degree cannot guarantee that a man or woman will get a job and live a better life.  Despite the fact that a college education cannot guarantee better opportunities for everyone, pursuing a college education can be very beneficial depending upon the individual.   

Attending college is not going to be the same experience for everyone.  Many people view college as a chance to experience the “real world”:  living away from home, being responsible for your own choices and doing whatever you want.  However, not everyone who attends college decides to live on campus or close by the school.  When I attended college, I commuted from home and I had no desire whatsoever to live on campus after seeing how tiny the dorm rooms were!  College certainly is better than high school in the sense that students get to choose what subjects they want to study, but not all subjects in a college degree program will be a breeze for every student to pass.  College students should be aware that some of the courses in their degree program will require much of their attention and focus in order to master them.  College is supposed to be about studying, not about partying. 

College students who focus more on partying than on studying will miss the whole point of being in college.  Pursuing a college education should be about educating yourself and or giving yourself an edge in the job market.  Education is very important but it is not necessary for everyone to attend college in order to receive a good education.  It is very possible to be educated through your own life experiences, through reading books, and by on-the-job training.  Having a college degree does not add more value to your worth as a human being, nor does it automatically open doors of opportunity to you.  What will help college students to succeed is how they apply themselves during and after their college years.  If college students are driven and dedicated to succeeding, they can blaze their own trails.  However, it is not necessary to attend college in order to succeed. 

With the rising costs of college tuition, many young and older adults are rethinking the value of getting a college degree.  Several college graduates are disappointed that they had not gained employment soon after graduating and must start paying back student loans.  Without jobs to pay back the student loan debt, some of these college graduates are getting frustrated and depressed, willing to accept any job they can get to support themselves.  It is very important to explore all of your options in life.  While it is necessary to earn a college degree in order to practice medicine and work in certain fields, it is not necessary to go to university in order to get a good job.  Trade schools, apprenticeships and on-the-job training are other options for hard-working people to consider. 

If you are planning to attend college, choose your school wisely.  Community colleges in your area might offer wonderful Associate Degree programs that could help open doors of opportunity for you and you will not need to move away from home to attend school.  Don’t be swayed by institutions that have a good name and great reputation.  It is more important that you choose a college that you can afford and that can provide you with the educational tools you need to succeed than to choose a school based on its ivy league reputation alone.  Your educational journey should be about what is best for you, not about what other people think is the best way to achieve success.  Always remember that your college education is not a guarantee that job opportunities will automatically come your way upon graduation, but your college experience is what you make it.  Just like you had to work and put in effort to achieve good grades in college, you must also put in effort to find or create the job and future of your dreams.