Is it better to have a Roommate during your first Year of College – No

College Roommate? What a funny idea! Imagine moving away from home and you get paired up with someone who reminds you of your sibling! Now that’s gotta be funny!

A roommate in your first year is the biggest mistake made. Let me tell you why.

First, your first year is the year you should definitely NOT live on campus. The reasons for it are all too fresh (or is it frosh?) in my memory. Live at home, if you can. But if you cannot do that, live OFF CAMPUS. You’ll be laying your foundations for the next few years of study.

Second, a roommate is more frequently also a first year dweeb! So who can benefit from your lack of experience? And how can you gain insight from your peer? You can’t. Full stop. End of story.

You would think that the University Gurus would abandon this notion that living on campus is good for the student. Good like a D-!

Third, Have you seen how expensive it is to live on campus? And by the way, what you get for your money is not worth it. The meals are few. On weekends you have to feed yourself. No junk food. That’s extra. And hey, there are no pizzas at midnight. How cruel can you get? Off campus living may be expensive too but it need not be. And what you learn is invaluable. What will you learn? Read on.

Taking responsibility for your daily living is the best lesson you’ll learn. After all, you can’t learn that at home. Leaving home, living by yourself is the best way to learn some, let’s be honest here, of life’s most difficult lessons. I won’t enumerate them here. But the list in your mind is probably alreay ahead of my typing on this.

Fourth, why live off Campus? Why live by yourself? How about ideas like, FREEDOM, SECURITY, GETTING TO KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE? PIZZAS, SNACKS, JUNK FOOD ANYTIME! There are other things but you get the drift.

So Is it better to have roommaet during your first year of college? Oh, ya! Sure! If you want to learn nothing about anything and what you want is putting up with frustrations that remind you of your siblings. But wait, isn’t that why you wanted to move out in the first place?