Is it really Worth getting an MBA

I happen to live in Michigan. Right now, we are in the biggest unemployment crisis there has been in a very long time. I also happen to be losing my job at the end of April to budget cuts. So I have started to look for new employment, naturally.

All of my friends have been talking about getting their Master’s degrees in order to make them more marketable and get them more money in their next positions. They have also mentioned to me that it would be a good idea that I get one as well; as if they are as easy and cheap to pick up as a can of corn.

First of all, I must ask: When did the four-year degree lose all of its value? What about our kids and their future endeavors to find employment after school? Will they have to get their Ph.D’s to be able to land a full-time job?
All this considered, am I the ONLY one that can’t afford the expense and time that a Master’s program demands? Am I the ONLY one that thinks it is tragic that we are now being strong-armed into getting a degree that we cannot afford, in the hopes that it MAY help us land a better job?

I am distraught that the four-year degree means very little any more. What amount of paid schooling will be enough for employers in the future? Where does it all stop?

When I first entered the professional job market after school I was even told that the major didn’t matter to most employers, just that I went to school for four years and have a piece of paper to prove it. As long as I had that degree plus EXPERIENCE, I could get a better job than my first, etc. But now it is time to jump on the bandwagon and get your Master’s because “everyone else is doing it” (at least according to all the hype they are).

This country is full of economic trouble, and I read once that the average American is at least $7,000 in debt at any given time. I myself am already drowning in a pool of debt so deep I can’t see the surface anymore. Am I to assume that all of you who have gotten your shiny new MBA’s have been able to immediately pay off your debt since it is so EASY to get them? Speaking purely from my debted state here in Michigan, I think this is all bandwagon campaigning that too many unfortunate souls have fallen for. In the meantime, I will keep looking for a REAL employer that still values the right balance of education with something that I still personally think matters: EXPERIENCE.