Is it Worth it to go to College

I graduated from college in May of 2006. I hated it. I hated getting up early for classes, I hated sitting in classes that I had no interest in, I hated doing the required busywork, the forced group projects where the lowest common denominator prevailed, and I hated taking tests when my grades seemed to have no correlation to my study time and effort. Basically I hated everything that had to do with being on campus.

Being off campus, however, was a totally different story. I was not a big partier, and basically rotated through three different friends’ houses on the weekends, or just stayed home. I enjoyed hanging out with my few good friends, playing computer games, staying up late and taking 4 hours naps in the middle of the afternoon.

I didn’t do great in college, grade-wise, but I wasn’t exactly trying either. Nothing interested me. I wanted to drop out, since I was paying a lot of money to go to a private college, but my parents encouraged me to stay. No majors, although I ended up majoring in business, leapt out at me, so I just drifted through, getting my degree because it is the thing to do these days.

Everyone told me that a college degree is the new high school diploma, and with one I should have little trouble getting a job. However, after being out of school for 5 months I have only had one interview. My resume had been through numerous professional recruiters, I was networking with people in several states, and I sent my resume to any job I was even remotely qualified for. Eventually I got a job in a management training program at a big box, Midwest-based hardware store. This is a job I could easily have gotten with a high school GED, and if I had been working the four years I spent in college, I would have come out way ahead.

I know the statistics that a college degree-holder will make much more over their lifetime, but at the moment I am not seeing even that possibility. Was college worth it? Yes and no. The life experiences and social interactions were awesome, but the actual schoolwork was a waste of time.