Is it Worth it to go to College

It is worth it to go to college. Clearly the moment one asks this question the instant reaction from most people will be the affirmative. Although there is no doubt that going to college does provide the student with some benefits, to resolve the question objectively and frankly it is important to discuss both the benefits and disadvantages for a person considering college studies.

* The advantages of going to college

The benefits of going to college can mainly be related to those attributable to the student’s future career development. As colleges are educational institutions that have the objective of imparting knowledge and learning, it follows that within this environment the student will have the opportunity of being able to hone and enhance the skills they will need for the future. For example, if the desire of the student is to follow a corporate management career path, business study course will be the course choice. In other words college will provide the student with a basic career foundation.

It is also important for young people to recognise that today that there are many popular universities that demand recognised educational qualifications as part of their entrance criteria. Therefore, lack of such qualification will limit the student’s opportunity for furthering their education in this direction.

It follows therefore that attendance at college will provide the student regarding the choices of future career. Either with the college qualification itself, or through its impact in enabling the student with the ability to graduate from university, it will open career opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to pursue. Indeed, in an increasing number of recruitment criteria, especially in the skilled and professional markets, the job applicant will not be considered if he or she does not have the appropriate formal qualification from their college or university.

The other benefit of going to college is that it allows the student a period of reflection. At college age many students have not really formulated there ideas about a future career. Rather than make a choice that they may later regret, the period in college will provide additional guidance in terms of further experience in a range of educational subject which, in turn, might allow the student to be able to make a more informed choice about his or her future.

* The disadvantages of going to college

The value of going to college, as with most things in life, is only as good as the effort and commitment that a person puts into the experience. If a potential student has a dislike for the structure and curriculum of the college educational system then it is unlikely that this commitment will be present. In such a situation it is far better for that person to go directly into the workplace if that is their desire. They will still be learning but that knowledge will be gained within an environment where perhaps they will be more comfortable.

Forcing someone to go to college will be counterproductive. Not only is it likely that they will fail to achieve the desired results but also the college years will have been wasted. During that period they will have gained little in terms of skills. Additionally, college failure does not open career paths. It should also be remembered that these people can pick up and continue their studies at a later date if they so wish by becoming a mature student.

It can be concluded therefore that it is worth going to college, especially if the student has designs upon a career where formal qualifications are a prerequisite. However, if the student does not have the desire or ability to be able to study within a formal educational system of this nature then it can be a waste of their time and the institutions facilities. There will always be the opportunity for these people to become adult students and resume their education at a later date if and when the need arises.