Is Studying Geology the right Choice for you

Is Studying Geology the Right Choice for you?

Congratulations! You are now old enough and had the relevant education to undertake studies in the University.

Perhaps, you are wondering whether Geology is the subject you will study. It could be if you are competent in the relevant aspects of mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology.

Geology is a fascinating subject and many people do not appreciate that it is the core to man’s existence in this planet. It is the study of the planet earth especially the origin, the morphology, history and the processes that acted (and act) to affect its historical and present form.

The results of the studies are placed at the service of man to discover stable environments for vital construction and utilities.

Man will also have knowledge of the mobile forces of a dynamic earth that may be hazardous to his well-being.

During the university studies you will be exposed to the demands of the various subjects in geology including mineralogy, petrology, structural geology, stratigraphy and economic geology. For example, economic geology is concerned with the analysis and exploitation of useful geological bodies or materials such as oil, natural gas, minerals and water.

As a graduate with a degree in geology, you may make a further choice of a professional career in petroleum industry, mineral development or join the academia among others.

In many cases geologists earn more than other professionals because of the essentiality of their output.

There are other benefits, besides good wages and other material fringe benefits.

Consider the unique power you would have, the ability to understand the origin of valleys, mountains, the mobile activities in the oceans and on land. Take for instance, the earthquake or the extremely devasting the seismic wave from the sea termed tsunamis.

It will also be very exciting for you as you travel to observe the geological features such as exposed stratified sections in road or railway cuttings.
For some there is great fascination in paleontology, the record of past animal life, now preserved as fossils. Fossil collectors may be interested in microscopic organism such as foraminifera or ostracods remains of invertebrates [of which bivalves, gastropods and ammonites are usually of great interest as well as including bones and teeth].

I am a veteran geologist and often feel that I am luckier and more gifted than people in other professions. You are welcome to the special field, where there is maximum reward for hard work and unfathomed excitement from observing and understanding the origin of the beautiful features of the planet earth, both the simple and those riddled with complexities.