Is Wikipedia a Legitimate Source for Writing Term Papers – No

Wikipedia is not a legitimate source for writing term papers.  Wikipedia is definitely not the most reliable website out there to use as a legitimate source for writing term papers.  This article will explain why.

>>> Information Can Be Easily Changed <<<

On Wikipedia, anybody can edit the information that is displayed on the site – this is the main reason why Wikipedia isn’t really a legitimate source.  In fact, you don’t even need to have a user name to edit information, you can just click on where it says “edit” on a page and then change whatever you please.  True, you will get blocked from editing if you wrongly change data, but for the most part false information can easily be entered into the website.  You shouldn’t use Wikipedia as a source for your term paper because you could easily end up using wrong information!

>>> Wikipedia Is Not Always Right <<<

Similar to the previous point, because Wikipedia is community run, information can be incorrect.  Some articles display a disclaimer at the top of the article telling how it can’t be trusted 100% or how the links are incorrect.  This is not just because people can edit things, it is also because faulty information can be entered by accident or unknowingly.  Using the wrong information in your paper could greatly harm your grade!  Play it safe and use different, reputable websites for your term paper.

>>> Wikipedia Appears To Be A Weak Source <<<

If you get to the bibliography of your term paper and list Wikipedia as a source, then your teachers will probably frown upon it.  Teachers and professors know how Wikipedia is operated and many may even have a personal grudge against it.  If they see that you have used Wikipedia as a source, then they may begin to question the information that you used from it.  The sources that you use can greatly affect the overall credibility of your paper.

Wikipedia may be a good place to begin your research, but it is by no means a legitimate source for direct information.  Don’t get caught up in the easy way to do a project, do some of your own research.  Instead of just searching for a mediocre Wikipedia article that may not even be factually correct, do some searching of your own and don’t stop until you’ve found some reputable, legitimate sources to use in your term paper.  After all, Wikipedia is not a legitimate source for writing term papers.