Keeping your Dorm Room Simple but Expressing your Personality

Starting college can be very overwhelming for some incoming freshman. You are immersed in a world completely different than what you previously experience in high school. You now have unprecedented freedom in your life, especially if you move away from home and live in an on-campus dorm. A dorm room says a lot about you and give hints to the personality of those who are strangers to you. Sometimes the first impression fellow dorm mates and room mates have is through the set-up and display of your room. Below are a few steps to keep your dorm room simple and yet still express your own unique personality.

First, it is important to decide how to lay out the room. There are many complex factors involved in this process. All dorm rooms are not alike and most require special planning. For the dorm rooms with three or more people, usually the layout stays as is because of the difficulty of moving the beds in such a crowded room. In a typical dorm room, each student is usually given three pieces of furniture of themselves: the bed, the dresser, and the desk. If you are lucky enough to have a spacious enough room that moving these pieces is possible, you should decide how you want to lay them out. For some, roommates can bunk their beds to maximize floor space. Others can loft their beds and put their dresser and desk below for more space. There are many dorms that have mini fridges. Usually this is shared with all roommates to talk with them before moving it around. In this step, it is advisable to just do what feels the most comfortable and don’t over think it.

Second, it is time to arrange all the stuff you brought with you. Often, many students amass endless amounts of frivolous items and bring them to school with them. In order to keep it simple, only bring what you need. Cluttering your room will give a bad impression on others. For the necessary items, find ways to organize them in an efficient manner. Some dorms have kitchen areas where students can put any dishware they brought. The closet is a good place to fill up to keep your room looking clutter free and yet have all your essentials at hand.

Finally, and most important, is decorating your dorm room to express your personality. There is nothing more boring than a dorm room with barren walls. Your parents no longer are around to complain about your choices. Now is the time to really go all out. Let the decorations express your individual personality. Put your favorite movie poster or that goofy clock on the wall. Bust out that lava lamp you got for your birthday. Put a dry erase board outside your door so your friends can leave you message. Make your room scream you. Just don’t go too overboard and be respectful of your roommates. It’s their room too.