Learning Tools for Medical Students

When compared to olden days, the modern day medical student could consider extremely lucky to have a vast amount of learning tools which they can use in order to tackle the challenges of modern day medical education. At present, they have deviated from the practice of teacher centered learning into a new dimensions of student centered learning. The technology has given its backing by providing them with necessary hardware, software as well as information thus making traditional methods of learning no more the preferred choice but an important tool nevertheless.

Even though there are many learning tools available for medical students, the ways and means of using such tools has not progressed efficiently enough to derive extraordinary results from its traditional counterparts. But, proper understanding as well as appropriate use would certainly bring about an improvement in the process of capacity building.

This article will focus on several learning tools available for the medical students and how to use these tools appropriately in order to be an effective medical learner.

1. Text books

Probably the most important learning tool in the olden days, the text books has loss its glamour a little bit due to the arrival of its digital counterparts. But, reading a text book is always fulfilling and could make the student be at a higher level than the rest. The use of colors, style guides, reader friendly characteristics have made the text book more appealing than its older versions and many of these books do carry a CD with supporting material or else the eBook of the same.

2. eBooks

Electronic versions of the text books are available for students who indulge in computers and will make them learn in familiar terrain. These books can have more diagrams, interaction, easy searchability…etc to make reading more efficient.

3. Internet

Internet has become one of the major sources of information and certain universities themselves maintain web sites in order to provide their students with the necessary learning material. A student who searches the web needs to be aware about the authenticity of the presented material as well as its accuracy. Sticking to several reliable sites would be a better idea than seeking information from all sorts of web sites.

The internet also will provide means of visualizing certain procedures or even lectures and thus using such technologies would be ideal for visual learners.

4. Computer

Computer itself can be a learning tool even without the internet. This is because much medical information is present on CD or DVD.

5. Expert discussions

Discussing with experts or even with their own colleagues would be an important learning tool which needs to be developed. This can sometimes be of significant value as different opinions and judgments could be taken into account by the student.

6. Ward work

Probably one of the most important learning tools from the beginning of the profession, most of the skills required by a doctor is achieved by working in the ward. Thus, active participation and being committed are fundamentals in being successful as a medical student.

Apart from what was mentioned, there are other different means of learning tools that a student can make use of and thus be efficient at their practice.