London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University has strong educational roots dating back to 1848. London Met as you see it today was created in 2002 with the merger of London Guildhall University and the University of North London. It has a 160 years’ history that has established London Met as one of the best new universities in London.

It prides itself as a University that is committed to providing a University education to students from all over the world, and varied social and socio-economic backgrounds. It is located in the vibrant center of London in the popular borough of Islington in North London. Other campuses are located near the square mile in Moorgate and central location in the east near the Tower of London in Aldgate. Student shave access to the bets of what London has to offer as one of the most vibrant Metropolitan City in the World with a taste of so many diverse cultures. It has history to feed any graduates curiosity and a vibrant nightlife like no other.

London Met offers courses at a yearly fee that is much less that renowned redbrick Universities. Hence, London Met prides itself as one of the few University that still offers a more affordable further education. This makes London Met a popular choice for many young students and mature students who want to pursue an Undergraduate and Post-graduate degree at an affordable cost. London Met offers a wide variety of undergraduate courses ranging from Design to traditional courses in Law and Business.

At London Met ranks student’s future employability as its top priority. Students can expect to have the guidance to develop skills relevant to their future professions. Courses are updated on a regular bases to be relevant to the current employment market. The student support and careers services help student t find relevant voluntary work and placements during their time at London Met. Graduates also have access to this service up to three years after graduating.

Underpinning the ethos of an absolute commitment to providing students with quality and standards, London met was awarded the highest accolade from the government’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Further more, more than two thirds of their academic research was judged to be internationally recognized’, internationally excellent’ or “world leading’ by the recent Research Assessment Exercise.

With a long history and its expansion in 2002, London Met is classed as one of the most diverse and reputable Universities to invest in one’s academic development as an undergraduate and post-graduate student. It provides a springboard for all students to further their education and professional careers.