Lsat Tricks

There is a lot of anxiety and discussion about LSAT tricks. Everywhere you look, someone is touting that they have the LSAT all figured out and that for a small fee, all of the “LSAT tricks” will be revealed to you. In reality, however, there is no magic LSAT trick.

The LSAT, first and foremost is an exam that tests your ability to reason logically. This is a skill that must be developed, rather than a trick that can be learned in 20 minutes.

Of course, there are various techniques that help you cut through the clutter and achieve the correct answer in a much quicker fashion. That does not mean that your performance on the exam will be the sum and substance of your adoption of these techniques. In fact, I would hesitate to even call these techniques LSAT tricks.

Learning these techniques, in fact, plays a very small role on your ultimate success on the exam. What will ultimately have the largest role in improving your score is knowledge and understanding of the underlying logical principles: how an argument should be structured, how to properly support a conclusion, how to eliminate possibilities from a list of options in a logical fashion; and all that good stuff.

In sum, beware of gimmicks. The desire to search for LSAT tricks or other shortcuts can be compelling, but to do well on the exam, you must dig deeper. Students who see the most improvement on their LSAT scores are those who have worked hard to develop these skills and, in turn, have learned to think more logically and coherently.  This is a skill that will help you not only on the LSAT, but in law school and in your legal career.  You should look at the LSAT as an opportunity to begin developing these skills, and not just as a means to an end.

As you prep for the LSAT, keep this in mind.  Many LSAT prep services will tempt you to join their courses by promising to reveal LSAT secrets, or LSAT tricks, however, these are largely gimmicks.  In the end, LSAT courses  which facilitate your knowledge of logical principles, are the best at improving your LSAT scorel.  For example, the popular online LSAT course LSAT Freedom allows prospective students to develop these skills by explaining in depth over 1,000 LSAT questions, and providing tutorials on key logical concepts.   Learning these concepts, and learning how to apply them on the exam, is really the only LSAT trick you need to do well on the exam.