Make Professors Happy Things Teachers Love

You are excited. You are about to advance from being a high school graduate to a student who attends a university. Now that you have made it, there are certain things you have to do in order to make your professors happy. You will learn some of the things college teachers usually love.

They want you to attend all of your classes. Even though it is your grade that is on the line, they want you to show up consistently to show you are serious in addition to making it so they do not have to spend extra time explaining your material to you and answering your questions.

They love it when you come to class on time. This helps make everything run smoothly in addition to preventing a disruption.

They get a kick out of you staying alert. They have a desire for you to stay focused and devote your attention to the entire lecture. Also, they do not want you to fall asleep.

They are thrilled if you do not eat or drink in class. The first reason is they do not want to have to worry about a mess being made. The second is they do not want any biting or sipping noises made. The third is they do not want any strong smells in the room.

They want you to put your name on your papers and quizzes. They do not want to waste time trying to figure out what belongs to whom.

They want you to answer all of the questions before you turn in your tests. They want you to get into the habit of finishing what you start.

They are delighted if you swallow your pride and seek help when you need it. They want you to ask questions in class or visit them during their office hours if something in the course you are taking confuses you.

They love it when you turn in your work on time. Deadlines are supposed to be met.

They want you to be a true team player who contributes significantly to your group projects. You are supposed to get along with all of your fellow team members, cooperate with them in regard to reaching a consensus and do your fair share of the work.

They need you to be considerate. You may not be rude by talking on your cell phone or interrupting anyone who is speaking.

You have learned the things college teachers usually love.