Making Friends in College

Join a society or club at your college or university. On most campuses, there will be a great variety of these to suit almost every interest. Typically, there will be a society and club fair at the beginning of the schooll year. All of the establishd groups will have posters telling what the group does, and at least one represntative who can tell you a little more and answer any questions you may have. They should also tell you when, where, and how often the club or society meets. You will probably have to give the co-ordinator your email address, and room or cell phone number for updates.

Join a sports team, or even physical activity group such as an aerobics class. Sports teams may require you try out first, especially if the team goes to regional championships. Other teams might be more just for fun. Sports can be a really great way to get orstay in shape, release stress, and make new buddies at the same time. Physical activity groups or classes may be better suited for those who like the exercise and comraderie without the competition. Make friends with the people exercising with you. Give each other tips and support. In time, you will be supporting each other in other ways, too, such as emotional, educational, and more.

Travel with fellow students. Whether carpooling home for the weekend, taking the bus or taxi around town, or even walking in numbers to learn the way to places, this can be a great way to get to know various people. Just strike up a conversation with the person next to you: Hello, my name is…. Where are you from? What are you studying? Where do you live? Know any good restaurants around here? weekend plans? While you are bound to get alot of short, polite answers, you will find a few people you connect with. The next time you see them, try to greet them by name and smile.

Let your old friends introduce you to some new ones. Chances are, if your good friend thinks this person is worth knowing, they deserve a chance. Friends often like to connect their pals to others they think they will get along with, and not just as couples. Even if your friend will not be attending your college, you can still ask them if they have contact info of some nice people they know who will. Try looking for them on Facebook and getting to know them there first.

Fundraise or volunteer for a worthy cause. People who care passionately about the same things you do probably share your values. This often means they are very good people, and potentially great friends. Exchange contact info and start getting together for coffee, study, exercise, or whatever you would most enjoy doing together.