Making the Grade with a Learning Disability

Learning isn’t always easy for everyone! There is no formula that one size fits all, but there are some things that a student can do with learning problems or students who don’t know how to study!

Take it one step at a time:

If you know that you need to take a subject, and you have learning difficulties don’t give up! When you learned to drive you didn’t drive in the whole city of Los Angeles; you drove each block at a time. SO, like driving you need to relax, and take it slow. Learn how to outline your notes, and perhaps, make an outline of what you have just read. If you are having problems with the process, ask your professor or their assistant what has worked for them. Believe it or not they probably know some great ideas after working with students!


After you have gone to the lecture, and listened to some points that your professor has mentioned and look through their notes. Do they make sense? Can you make friends with others in class that you notice ask a lot of questions, and have a natural tendency for learning. Perhaps, you can pickup some cues from them. Don’t be shy!

Technology is my friend!

Electronic devices could help you with getting more notes. This is the age of technology so why not use it to your advantage. Do you have something that could tape your lessons, or do you have a website that you could get more info about this particular subject. Are you a better typer then a writer? Why not take your laptop, and save your notes to your hard drive?


Organize your notes by date, with an outline, high light the important stuff only! Don’t get highlighter happy! All colors in your books, or notebooks aren’t going to make it easier, it is going to make it harder!

Study Groups:

Find them! Ask your professor if they will be having study groups at the local coffee shop? Or if they know of people who like to get together, and study at a sorority or a church or a fraternity? College isn’t cheap-get your money’s worth!

Small doses:

Do your studying in small doses not large doses. It isn’t good to try to digest a whole pizza at one sitting, so why would you try to digest a whole unit in one night? It makes your system go on overload. But if you do like to wait until the last two weeks, at least do some exercising, or visiting with a friend for awhile, and then return to studying.

Note cards:

Put all the info about the subject down on note cards, just key phrases. It helps to have many ways to learn, and perhaps putting post it notes in your room.

Less anxiety:

Do whatever it takes to make your studying easier. It’s all about working smarter, and not harder that will get you the grade. Plus always go into the test with a good attitude, good night’s sleep, good breakfast, and don’t spend time with people who will give you negative attitude! Don’t stress out, and take a breath, and take each question one at a time. Remember the driving example! Otherwise, it could drive you crazy, and put you down the wrong avenue!

Good luck!