Marijuana Smoking Versus Alcohol Drinking – No

Marijuana smokers should not be punished more severely than underage drinkers on campus.

Marijuana is not addictive.  It does not severely damage you.  If marijuana is used responsibly, it is not harmful.  I personally do not believe that marijuana should even be illegal.  I do not smoke it but I do not believe it is bad.

Alcohol on the other hand is more addictive and can damage your body and brain.  People should be even more careful of drinking alcohol because it can hurt them.

Therefore, if I have to choose which is worse, I would choose alcohol.  I would say there needs to be more punishment for people who are of age and drinking.  I drink alcohol on occasion but I have never been drunk.  I don’t think that is necessary.  I drink for social purposes and I do not want to get too far out of my mind.  That is called being responsible.  But many people take alcohol too far.  A lot of alcohol is for partying, getting drunk, and losing control.  People can become addicted to the drug and it can ruin their lives.  Not everyone of course, but enough people.

People who use marijuana are often more responsible.  Just because it is illegal does not mean that it is bad.  It is not harmful or addictive.  Marijuana is often used as a medicine because it has so many health benefits (examples are reducing muscle spasticity in people who have neurological disorders and reducing nausea from cancer chemotherapy).  These are advantages of marijuana.  I may be fighting that it should not be illegal but I don’t believe it should be punished as much.

Alcohol has many more negative actions associated with it.  If you have ever had a drunk college student around, you may notice that they are often more rowdy and outgoing than someone who has been smoking marijuana.  The drunk college student (underage or not) is more likely to ruin something or hurt someone than the marijuana user.  That being said, I would definitely say that the underage drinking should be punished more severely and more often than marijuana smokers.

All in all, I believe that marijuana smokers should not be punished as severely.  Marijuana is not dangerous.  It is not addictive.  It does not ruin people’s lives.  It is a positive drug more than anything.  I believe that the focus should be on underage drinkers who could end up being addicted to alcohol and having it damage their lives.