Masters Degree Higher Degree

To answer the title question, one must ask oneself what is the motivation factor in pursuing the course of study.  Different people have different goals, based on the reality that happiness has a different meaning to each person, and this means that everyone will have their own unique life goals that they would like to pursue.

To some, it is about completing what they believe to be basic education in order to be competitive in the job market. Again, what’s considered ‘basic’ and ‘not basic’ will vary from person to person, society, or region.  Perhaps a particular country has a glut of first-degree graduates, and one way to differentiate oneself in the job market is to take a higher degree course. Taking the Masters degree will then become a necessity rather than a personal choice.  Sometimes, having a Masters degree will also fulfill a pre-requisite for a certain occupation, such as a lecturer or academic staff in a university for example.

To others, it is about gaining more knowledge in the field that they are either currently employed or are keen in knowing its details as part of personal interest.  For them, it is not about getting a job with the Masters degree, but it’s all about delving into greater detail based on their passion and thirst for knowledge, or a special need in their work that requires specialization.

And yet, there are others who take higher degree courses solely for the purpose of achievement and self-fulfillment. These people are not interested in the job aspect or the knowledge aspect but they enjoy conquering areas in life that are deemed as challenging. In some countries, higher level degrees (such as Masters and PhD) are held in high esteem and due to that, people in these communities will take higher degree courses to improve their standing in their community and society.

Regardless of the reasons for studying for a Masters degree, a crucial aspect is the motivation for taking the course in the first place. How strongly one believes that taking the course will bring oneself closer to the attainment of one’s life goals will be the deciding factor on whether the endeavour is ultimately a success or a failure.  By one’s unflinching commitment, studying for a Masters degree will also offer a hidden benefit that is rarely noticed when one is going through the process itself; the development of one’s personal qualities that will be enhanced by going through the course of study.  Of course, as stated earlier, this requires full commitment and dedication.