Masters Degree how Important is it

Towards the end of a bachelor’s degree, a lot of students are confused as to enter the job market or continue studying for a higher degree. It is a really complex thought and the decision we make at that point in time is bound to affect our future lives. But we an only do so much by taking a decision based on the best available choices at that point in time. For those people who want to enter the industry and work for a few years, doing masters after a few years may be a viable option only if it is an MBA. But for those others who really want to specialize, a further degree in the chosen field of under graduation may be the best bet. However, the chances of entering the industry with a significant pay rise after immediate masters may not be too bright since the difference is minimal. There are people who turn out to be lucky and get a good break but that set of people is very small after all not every one is equally lucky.

Research, Research and research before you undertake a master’s degree. It is not a wise decision of you start losing interest half way down during your masters degree. You should be really interested in doing it.

Nowadays, a lot of people who are very interested in going the full length till a PhD tend to skip the in between masters. This may be a wise decision since much of what is done at the masters level in terms of coursework is bound to get repeated along the course of a PhD.

Ultimately, the decision to do masters is best left to the student itself. In today’s world, maybe doing masters can be argued to be good and bad. So arguing for or against this decision is fruitless. The safe path would probably work a year or two and then evaluate yourselves before a final decision is taken.