MBA Admissions Tips to get into a Top Business School

Getting into a top business school can do wonders for your career.  It is not always so easy to get into a top school, however, even for those who have the whole package.  There are definitely things that you can do to make it more likely that you can get into the school you want.  The following are some tips to get into a top business school.

Try to get as high a score on the GMAT as you can.

Most business schools are going to want you to take the GMAT exam.  Your scores on this can go a long way into getting you into a top business school.  The top business schools are going to be more competitive, and in general you will need a higher GMAT score to get into these than to get into a lower school.  A lot of how you do is just going to be natural intelligence and test-taking ability, but there are definitely things that you can do in order to raise your score.  There are different books that you can buy that will assist you in studying for this exam.  In addition to books, you could even go for a class at a test preparation center.  These are often extremely expensive but if they are what gets you into the top business school then it may be worthwhile.  Also, just make sure that you are in top shape on the day you take the exam – that you got enough sleep, ate breakfast, etc.  If you have test anxiety, try to deal with that and come up with strategies to avoid that interfering. 

Be very meticulous when writing your application essays. 

When writing your essays on your application, you should be very careful.  Make sure to proofread it several times.  Really take the time to make it come out as nice as you can.  You might want to have a friend or family member proofread it to give you a second opinion.  This may be the first thing that they read, and you do not want them to read a typo and think that you are not a serious student. 

Take your time when filling out the application.

Many people rush through applications but you should try to avoid this.  If you take your time, you may think of things to add that might give you a better chance of getting in.  Make sure that you are timely with everything.  Being meticulous will give you the best shot of getting into a top business school.