MBA Asks would you like Fries with that

The best value business schools in the US are the ones that give you the best return on your investment. Meaning, after you rack up student loans and years of your life, the school will connect you with an employer that will allow you to realize a positive ROI on your investment. Your business professors that analyze case studies and examine real-world business decisions should explain to you why you will get the best return on your investment by attending their college. After all, education is a business.

When you think about how many art students attend a university thinking that they are going to walk out of there with the tools and the knowledge to be the next Picasso or Van Gogh, it is laughable to most business majors that anyone would pay good money to attend one of those institutions. After all, we all know that being an artist is not really considered a legitimate profession and that few artists that every attempt to become something great actually succeed. You are smarter, you are a business major, and nothing is going to stop you from becoming the next Donald Trump. Think again. Right now, having those three letters after your name (MBA) means nothing more than ‘Might as well Be an Artist.’

Just like you, all of those artists think that they are different and that they know something that nobody else knows. They think that they have the upper hand and are competitive and that they have the answer. Unless the company that you currently work for is paying for your education, or if your family is independently wealthy, think again. There is no silver bullet to what will become of you after you finish school and then enter what the rest of us call, “the real world.”

This is not to say that you should not pursue your dreams or follow your heart. We all know that many adequate business leaders have the best interest of the public in mind. But buyer beware, if your university cannot connect you with a viable employer, you are not special, and you are no different than anyone else, and you will most likely end up in the vast majority of qualified candidates that just can’t find a company to work for. You better be the best and you better be very good at what you do both on and off of the court before you decide to enter an industry that you most likely know nothing about.