Memorization Tips for College

For most of your classes in college, you will need to know how to effectively memorize the information which you are given. If you do not remember these pieces of information and you are not able to think of them immediately when they are needed, you will lose out. With that said, memorization is a valuable skill that is best cultivated before college. However, that does not mean that if you have trouble memorizing information and you are already a college student, you can’t learn now. Here are a few easy tips to learn how to memorize information better and easier:

1. Read the information as much as possible. When you have read something more than three or four times, you will get the ideas and concepts imbedded into your mind. It will then become a part of your unconscious, whether you like it or not. In some sense, this is an act called conditioning (which means that you have trained yourself to remember a certain response to a condition).

2. Rewrite the information many times, until you only have a concise and short summary of it. By rewriting the information many times, you are also memorizing. This is an exact parallel to reading the information as much as possible. Moreover, writing the information means that you will also be able to see the information whittled down to its important bare bones. Now, you can easily remember information that is one sentence long rather than one that is a paragraph long.

3. Learn the concept in many interactive ways. For example, if you have to memorize a speech, you can sing it to yourself throughout the day. If you have to memorize some sort of categorization of information, then you can think about one category every day until you have gone through all of them. Make remembering information a fun act, not a chore.

4. Ask others to recite the information back to you and recite the information to them, too. Now that you have memorized the information on your own, you will have to try to teach the information back to another person. Then, another person will read back your notes (or the information that you need to memorize).

These memorization tips will get your mind back on track if you have to memorize plenty of information for your college classes. Remember to make this process a fun act, not something that you dread.