Memory Techniques to Memorize College Test Material

Cramming everything into your mind all at once for a test usually leads to headaches, stress and anxiety, and is not conducive to memorization and test passing-as the brain overloads and vital information is lost.  Like any other computer, the brain can overload with data, and the info simply does not come out when needed.  Learning is a process, where the mind absorbs material: comprehending, learning and memorizing the material one or two steps at a time.  Overloading your mind does not help you to pass a test.  This can only heighten anxiety and other stress levels, which also lessens recall.  Of course, there has to be some degree of cramming so critical information is not forgotten, and recalled more efficiently for the tests.  But done properly and co-ordinated with rest, proper sleep and eating allows for better recall. 

Resting the brain refreshes it and allows for better info recall, as the test-takers give the brain a chance to rest its biological ‘circuitry’ and process all of the required info.  Doing two or three hours of intense studying pours an enormous stream of material into your mind.  Walking away from it after 2-3 hours to do something completely different, and to raise your blood-sugar levels that re-fuel your brain, invigorates one’s psyche to the point were knowledge is more readily processed.  Many people simply underestimate jusrt how powerful of a ‘supercomputer’ the brain really is.  Like any other computer, it needs energy and maintenance.  But you also have to learn properly, pay attention, ask questions to better comprehend the subject, and be an active participant in studies.  Cracking a book or reading about the subject on the Internet is simply not enough to learn.  It starts before memorizing the test material with active and participatory learning, which lessens the degree of extremely heavy memorization-easing fears of failure, as well.

Therefore, attending all of your classes and listening to the instructor, as well as asking questions,re-fuelling your body with the proper nutrients goes a long way towards recalling the subject during tests.  Recall can also be enhanced by associating certain parts of the test with mental-links, images, archetypal symbols and the such.  These can act like computer programs, downloading stored mental material onto the computer monitor of the computer mind.  Utilizing the almost unlimited powers of the mind helps one pass their test with ease!  But it all starts with being an active learning participant.