Methods for Increasing Standardized Sat Test Scores

Of the 4146 standard American Universities, only 740 do not incorporate the SAT into their application process. That means that in 82% of universities, being accepted will heavily rely on the SAT score you submit.

Princeton Review and the ETS place so much importance on SAT prep courses. In actuality, these courses are not necessary. Most SAT classes are actually just a way to market the SAT and make money off of testers. These classes are also time specific and can be very inconvenient and inefficient. There are many ways that you can prepare for the SATs without using such preparation courses. You may even be able to prepare better from home, as long as you take the sufficient time to do so.

Official SAT Study Guide and other prep books
The official SAT study guide is an SAT study book made by College Board, the leading college preparation service. There are plenty of similar stuffy book packages like this, which are great preparation for the SAT. You can carry this book anywhere that you like, including school, work, and home. At the low price that these books sell for, you have absolutely nothing to use. Included in the popular package of this SAT study book is study cards, practice tests, SAT lessons, and online help. This practical at-home SAT study book is the solution to at-home SAT studying.

SAT Prep CDs
With computer and Internet utilization on the rise, these SAT preparation CD applications are extremely convenient. The most popular of these nifty computer applications is Kaplan’s SAT 2007 Platinum Test Preparation. Kaplan’s computer application contains many useful preparation tools. The tools on this CD comprise of practice tests, test taking strategies, note cards, and admissions information. With quite a user-friendly interface and quick paced performance, this program is perfect for any tester who would appreciate a computer run prep course.

Vocabulary Books
Contrary to what most testers would like, the writing and reading portion of the Sat are very dependant on ones vocabulary. Because of this, studying vocabulary can offer a very helpful SAT preparation. There are many vocabulary books that are specifically catered to SAT learning. Using these, or any other advanced vocabulary books will assist you in preparation for the SAT.

Online SAT Practice Tests
The Internet offers very useful methods for studying, especially for the SAT. There are many websites, which offer free tests and sample questions. Some of these websites are Princeton Review, College Board, and Spark Notes. These websites, and all of these other SAT self-preparation methods will definitely help you to improve your SATs, without the need of a professional course.