Methods for Increasing Standardized Sat Test Scores

Standardized test, are basically state created multiple choice test. If you know good test taking strategies you will be able to increase your score on any multiple choice test you take.

First, read, read read. The more you read, the better vocabulary you will have, the better you will write, and the better you will comprehend the information presented on the test.

Second, know how to take a multiple choice test. Amazingly many students do not know some basic test taking tips.

1. I know this one sounds silly but I have seen students make this mistake –
every year! Make sure you are the right section, and the right number on the test. Check to make sure you are bubbling in your choice for question 8 on line 8 of the answer key. Many times students will get off line and each answer from that point on will be marked wrong. I suggest that you check at the 0’s (10, 20, 30) to make sure you are on the right line, and have not skipped a line.

2. Increase your odds. (imagine your in Vegas)You can increase your odd, when you aren’t sure of the right answer, by eliminating the answers it cannot possibly be. For example, if you have four choices for the right answer you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting the answer right. If you don’t know the answer, but you can eliminate one of the choices, you now have a 1 in 3 chance – increasing your odds.

3. This one is debated – read the questions first. I suggest this on the reading section of the test, so students read with a purpose. They know in advance what information is relevant in the article, and what they can disregard as extra.

4. If your state allows, use highlighters (different colored ones if you can) to highlight important information on the text – this ties in well with read the questions first. Highlight the important information.

5. Review your test when you are done. Do not rush through the test and then say “I’m done!” Carefully review your answers.

6. Relax

Third, get a good night’s sleep, eat breakfast, and drink a glass of water before the test. You won’t be tired, hungry, and studies show drinking a glass of water and hydrating your brain increases test scores.

Finally, give yourself time to take the SAT more than once. Typically, scores increase the second time you take the test.