Missing out on your College Degree

When that missing college degree haunts your life, it is like a monkey on your back. There was a time in society when graduating high school and receiving a diploma was suffice in order to get a job. There were choices, and as long as you were a high school graduate, what you decided to do with your life was acceptable in society. Some high school graduates opted to pursue college, while others chose to work and start a family. College wasn’t an option, and obtaining a job wasn’t difficult. I can recall how a person with work experience would climb the corporate ladder at a faster pace versus the person fresh out of college. Society has changed and earning a college degree is imperative in order to remain in a competitive job market. We are in trying times, in which the economy is shaky, and if you lack a college degree your options are very limited.

The Government says that we are in a recession, and it is a time that many people begin to reflect on their lives. Due to career factors, many people that opted out of receiving a college degree know that education is everything. How can you get ahead without a college degree? I think about the decisions I made in my life, and no matter how fortunate I was in having a career without a college education, the lack of having a degree still managed to haunt me because I knew a college degree was needed in order to remain in a lucrative career. At first I was on the right track, and applied to college straight out of high school. I worked and attended school. I was able to climb the corporate ladder by work experience alone, so my education was not high on my priority list. Life happens. People begin to live their lives and are fortunate to be able to advance in their careers without a college degree, but soon enough they find themselves hitting a brick wall. They are stuck because their career can only go so far without a degree.

When life happens, many people find out throughout their lives that acquiring knowledge is essential in order to advance in life. In the back of their minds, they know that they are missing out on many valuable assets in life without a college education. Many people that decide to either go back to school, or to acquire their college education later on in life have been haunted by the fact that many of life’s decisions could have been different if only they had pursued their college degree. I have spent most of my life going to college, although it was off and on for ten years. I can recall times when I felt it was just a piece of paper, and I would be alright if I never received my degree. The only thing wrong with that way of thinking was that I had a hard time convincing myself that I would be fine without a degree. I couldn’t help thinking of all the great possibilities in life I could have by obtaining my degree.

Yes, for ten years I was haunted by the fact that I was missing my college degree. I have children now, and I couldn’t hide the fact that it was important to practice what I preached. I stressed the importance of finishing school and going to college to my kids. I knew I had to be an example for them, so that monkey stayed on my back to receive my degree. Yes, I finally did get my degree, and I am now pursuing my Masters degree. When a lack of a college degree haunts you, there is nothing more satisfying when that degree is finally earned. Today, there are so many options in obtaining your degree, which can conveniently coincide with all of life’s responsibilities. So, If you are haunted by the fact that you are missing out on your degree, by all means just go for it.