Most Forgotten College Essentials

Packing for college is quite hectic. Your brain can already be loaded with excitement, insecurity, jubilation, or even fear. This flood of emotions can disrupt your common sense when it comes to what you really need when the big day arrives. Hopefully you have some level headed adults to help you out, but maybe your friends and family are as frantic as you are. There is a monumental life experience staring you in the face and you don’t want to forget your toothbrush! So what are some things that you are likely to forget? Here is a quick list of those little things that you need, as well as some things that just come in handy.

LAUNDRY SUPPLIES – So you have the basket, the detergent, and the fabric softener, right? Well you will also need at least one roll of quarters, clothes hangers, and a mesh laundry bag. The mesh laundry bag is for delicates and socks. When using a communal washing facility things often get left behind. Throwing your unmentionables into a mesh bag will not only protect them in the washer, but will keep them from getting lost.

HYGIENE ITEMS – Make a checklist one day (morning and evening) of all of the personal hygiene products that you have used that day. This list should include items such as, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body loofah, body soap, shaving cream, razor, deodorant, hair brush, styling gel, hand soap, lotion, toilet paper, etc. Your list should be composed of absolutely everything that you are used to using during a typical day. You don’t want to spend your first night away and realize you’ve forgotten your favorite face cream or antiperspirant.

KITCHEN UTENSILS – I’m sure you’ve remembered dishes (or perhaps paper plates) and cutlery, but di you remember the can opener? Plan on cooking pasta? You’ll need a pasta fork. Ask your mother (father, or whoever usually does the cooking) for a list of kitchen implements that he/she normally uses when cooking your favorite dishes. You should also ask for a list of recipes for your favorite home-cooked meals as well.

The list of what you will actually need when going away to college can be mind boggling. Be prepared. You don’t want to forget your favorite mp3s (make sure and burn copies from your home computer if they are not on your laptop already) or pictures of your friends back home. But if you do forget something, your parents can always send it in your care package.