Motivation after Spring Break

After taking a week off for spring break, reality sets in again. It is now time to study again, not just for the day-to-day classes, but for final exams as well. Unfortunately, beautiful weather comes at this time, so staying motivated, when the desire to go outside and enjoy the weather with friends is there, is difficult.

The first thing to do is review the work that has been covered so far in the semester. This can help see how much as been accomplished and how the student has made it so far. This can help motivate the student to begin their study habits again, or if there were roadblocks in their study habits, they may find a way to change things for better success.

Update and review agendas at this time so that it is possible to see what assignments, tests and projects are coming up. Go over the class schedules and check that all the important dates are recorded in the agenda. This helps to organize the student so he can see what needs to be reviews or worked on. At the same time prioritize assignments and break overwhelming assignments into manageable parts. Reviewing class work a little at a time or facing a project in steps is less daunting than facing the whole thing at once. Plus, as each part is accomplished it will make the student feel more self-assured.

If there is a particular part of a project or course review that is enjoyable, begin there. After this section is done, the motivation will return to make the rest of the work more enjoyable. Also when working on this section, focus on it until a break is needed. As each section is completed the student will start to feel better about the assignment.

As the weather becomes nicer, take a break from the normal study place. Perhaps enjoy a sunny day under a tree. The main thing is to remember to study and to become distracted by possible social opportunities. There are times when a change of scenery, even to a library, can help bring the work back into focus.

The semester is winding down at this point, so see if there are classmates that would be interested in studying together. Hearing others share their views over material can help see the material with new eyes. This can help in understanding.

Remember that breaks are important. At times there seems to be a brick wall stopping any progress. At these times step back and take a break for ten or fifteen minutes. When you return to the work it will be with fresh eyes and energy.

The semester is almost over and then there will be time for a small break before facing the classroom or work space in the next phase of your life.