My Reflections at Anne Arundel Community College

Having attended Anne Arundel Community College, in between Annapolis and Severna Park, Maryland, my reflections are not very positive about the entire experience.  Anne Arundel Community College or AACC faculty were not forgiving towards students of non-traditional status or older returning students with work and families needing complete attention.  I spent three very unhappy semesters at AACC and due to lack of communication between faculty, advisers, and career counselors my time spent their was mostly a waste of time.

The student life their was horrible, with drugs and foul language in every class I attended.  The campus security never left you alone while trying to park or sit in your car and study.  They would stop and ask for your student ID, which I felt violated my civil rights because I was doing nothing wrong or illegal, just studying before class.  The library at AACC was impossible to use, the printers rarely worked and it was always jammed with no time limits on computers.  I needed to email my professor an assignment one day and asked a student on Facebook if he minded getting off for five minutes and I was told basically to get lost.

There are some positives about the campus thought I must mention, to be fair.  It did contain useful and easy to access daycare for students with children, but because I never used it, my perspective is limited.  I do know that many students used the daycare, but one day it was 20 degrees outside and they had the children, toddlers, outside playing.  I knew then my children would never be taken care of while I was in class at AACC. 

One of my worst reflections about Anne Arundel Community College is how they allowed me to enroll as a senior from Wichita State University and then only give me 30 credits of my 111 semester hours earned at Wichita State University.  I took a huge step back also when I was enrolled into a certification program for C++ computer language option that I never needed, but my adviser told me it was best for me academically.  I am a business management major with a minor in secondary education, so I did not understand this, but I went with it just to get into class. 

Now, I am leaving Anne Arundel Community College and moving back to Kansas and hopefully finish what is left of my college education.  My grades at AACC were horrible, but most classes never counted and I am hoping they will not be a thorn in my transcript.  I hope AACC will change their methods of treating older students with families, because they sure did not help me at all.