Not getting a College Loan

Being unable to get a student loan does not mean giving up the dream of higher education. In today’s economy, unfortunately, college loans are no longer a guarantee. When faced with a large tuition bill, and a loan refusal from the bank, a college student can consider several options. Any or all of these suggestions can asisst a student if a student loan to go to college cannot be secured.

Community College

If a four-year college is out of reach, consider a local, two-year college. A local college will allow a student to save money on tuition and room fees. It may be possible to commute from home, saving even more money. A two-year program will allow a student to transfer to a four-year school after completion of several semesters. Not only will a student save money, there will be more awareness of what he or she wishes to focus on as a future career.

Part-time Student

If it is impossible to afford college without a loan, look into taking one or two courses at a time, versus a full schedule. It will take longer to finish a degree this way, but paying for fewer courses at once will make college easier to afford. It will also allow a student to work and make more money to pay for future classes.

Online College

Many accredited universities offer classes online. Some allow a student to complete most or all of a degree through online courses. Online courses may save money on the fees and the costs of living on campus. Compare the prices of online classes to find some that are in your price range and area of interest.

Work and Save

Many students out there work while attending college. Find a job, even if it only pays minimum wage and start saving every extra penny earned. Many employers offer support to students going to college including paying for part of tuition. Look for one of these companies and find out the requirements for tuition assistance. It may not be the job of your dreams, but it may give you a step up on getting that job.


Banks aren’t the only place to find money for college. Many legitimate companies out there offer scholarships. These scholarships aren’t only provided to the smartest or most athletic members of society. There are various requirements and it is possible for any student to find a scholarship he or she is eligible for. If a student is still in high school, go to the student services office. The counselors there will be aware of what is out there and where to look for further assistance.

Not getting a loan for college does not mean the dream of earning a college degree is over. Explore the options and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. It is possible for anyone to earn the desired college degree a find the job of his or her dreams.