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Free Tuition For College Students 62 And Over

The societal evil of age discrimination is prevalent in many countries today, particularly in large cities. It’s one of many modern viewpoints that has caused deterioration in quality of life for people of all ages. Sadly, few stop to think of some of the irreversible consequences this shameful prejudice has and continues to cause. Companies who replace mature workers with younger employees are discovering that seldom do these replacements exhibit the loyalty to an employer that older workers do.

There have been a few strides made in the United States to show due appreciation to the mature and senior population. Senior citizen discounts are sometimes offered by such businesses as restaurants and movie theaters and some handymen also offer special prices for their customers in their sixties or older. Among social service organizations, there’s often special and expedited handling of applications for assistance made by persons sixty-two and over. While this is a noble gesture that should be commended, what about the need to remember that there are seniors who are energetic with much life still ahead of them? Some of these people still enjoy learning. Some attended college when they were much younger, but due to family or national responsibilities, could not complete their degree. They were drafted to fight to retain American freedom. They were mothers who put their families first, or they may have worked all of their life in a field solely to pay the bills. Now, they would like to learn and do those things in which they’ve always had an interest or in which they’ve taken one.

This means that some will need and desire to attend college to take classes they want or to pursue a degree for various reasons. Not everyone acquires higher education with the intent to enter or progress in the work world. Many have become successful entrepreneurs, turning their backs on corporate America who has turned hers on many of her industrious citizens. Whatever the reason may be that mature adults desire to return to school or to go to school for the first time, they should be able to enjoy this experience, regardless of their financial situation. If they’ve been hard working citizens who have contributed to their country, raised their families and abide by the laws of the land, they’ve earned such a privilege.

Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) offers such an opportunity to persons sixty-two and older through their senior program. Senior students are not charged any tuition at all, yet, they receive college credit just like “traditional” students. This means they may earn a college certificate, diploma, or an associate degree in any of the programs offered by the school. Although no tuition is charged, student fees are charged and there’s no allowance for the purchase of books. However, considering the very high cost of tuition, this is a very good deal to offer to valuable citizens of this country.

The main campus of DMACC is located in Ankeny, IA, a suburb of the city of Des Moines. The college offers the convenience of online courses and an office to serve the students in the evening, Monday through Thursday, and Saturdays from 8:00a.m. until 12:30p.m. Students must make at least one personal visit to the campus to show proof of age. While there, they may complete an application for admission and speak to an advisor if they are visiting during normal business hours. They may register for a maximum of 2 classes as early as 2 days before classes begin and as late as 3 days after classes have begun. This allows the paying students first choice to enrollment. People sixty-two and older who are interested in DMACC’s senior program should contact the college for the up-to-date information.

Hopefully, other colleges and universities will follow this good gesture shown towards America’s mature population, giving them the chance and joy to attend college with their child or grandchild to whom they taught lessons that can’t be learned from a text book or in class.