Online Courses Versus Traditional Courses

Whether you are just about to enter college, have taken college courses and trying to obtain your degree, or you are coming to college after a long break, you may come across the option of taking an online course instead of a tradition course that has you seated with your classmates within a physical room. Having the choice of taking an online class is a good thing, provided it is right for you. For some people, it is not.

Traditional Courses

These are the classes, as mentioned a little above, that has you and your classmates (depending on your college, the number of classmates can range from tens to hundreds) sitting in a classroom within a building. There is a teacher physically there to answer questions as well as lecture.

There are many advantages of taking such a class. Some people prefer having social interaction with their classmates. The teacher is right there in case you have any questions or concerns regarding the lesson plan or the assignment.

Some people need the motivation of dressing up and traveling to class in order to do well. If they can access their class via their computer at home, it does not work because it makes going to class “too easy” to be lazy when it comes to their coursework.

Compared to online courses, traditional courses are cheaper for the student. Online courses tend to get an additional fee attached to them for whatever reason and if you are taking most or all online courses, the price can add up.

There are also many classes, like the ones for science, that do not offer online courses because of labs. Traditional course is the only option.

There are also disadvantages to taking traditional courses. If you do not live on campus, gas costs can be an issue and those miles back and forth can really add up in price. You would also have to deal with the cost of purchasing a permit to park within the campus’ parking lot and possibly competing with other students for parking spaces.

Online Courses

Just as there are advantages to taking traditional courses, there are also advantages to taking online courses. The number one being that you can take courses at home. If you are working a job or have other responsibilities, not having to be tied down to a specific time for class every day is a good thing. Online courses allow you to be flexible with your time for the most part.

In this day and age when gas prices are rising, and you live at home instead of on campus like many students, it is good to not have to spend money on gas just to travel back and forth for class. You can stay at home and go to class. In fact, you can go to class in your pajamas. There is no one there to see what you are wearing because you are at home.

There are disadvantages though. Your online course may cost more because it is an online course and not a traditional course. If you need motivation and self-discipline in order to do well in a class, maybe online courses would not be good for you.

Lack of options is another disadvantage. Not every class will offer an online opportunity. In fact, many of them will not.

The differences between traditional and online courses tend to run opposite of each other, so it is up to you and your preferences. As long as your college offers both choices, you should go with the one you feel most comfortable with, and that may change between the classes that get offered as an online course. Maybe you would feel more comfortable taking a math course the traditional way in the class while your art appreciation class would be better suited with an online course. It is entirely up to you.