Opportunities for Minorities in College

I guess there are opportunities for minorities to get into college, but contrary to popular belief, minorities have to work just as hard, if not harder, than everybody else. I am a Native American female and the way people talked about this subject, they made it sound like all I had to do was apply and I was set. Everything would be paid for and life would be great. I could graduate from college and move back to the reservation to help my people. I learned that it doesn’t quite happen that way. For one, when a person is a Native American, one can’t be average. To succeed in this world, a Native American has to be able to be knowledgeable in both worlds, the tribal and non-Native worlds. There is no such thing as an average Native in today’s world of experts, CEO’s, executives, and fast food. Nobody likes to hire Native people to work in any capacity. Native people are forced to prove themselves, and even when they do, it is denied. It is a weird mentality that Native people face in this country. I agree somewhat with the fact that yes, at least minorities are being looked at in the application process, but that is about where that process begins and ends. You can’t tell me that my chances of getting in are the same as a white person with similar education and test scores. I would hope that is the case, but I really doubt that is true. My family doesn’t have ties to fancy Ivy League schools. My family isn’t rich enough to have a building named for them. Truth is that my family is very well-off for reservation Indian standards, but that is peanuts compared to most people in suburban America. What it all comes down to I suppose is money. I am sure that minorities with money probably have really great opportunities as opposed to the poor minorities or well-off white people in this country.