Options after an MBA in Finance

Being a master of business administration in finance is a major accomplishment already by itself and it opens a lot of very lucrative and promising career opportunities. The scope that finance itself covers is very wide and there are a lot of options to choose from. Statistically, you can find employment or opportunities in virtually all sectors because different industries are engaging in businesses. Here’s a list of some opportunities that you can take after acquiring such degree.

1.) Employment. Companies need competent individuals to handle, plan, and manage their finances. Finance is the lifeline of businesses as it tackles the income and management thus companies will hire the best applicant that they can have. Having a degree of being a master in business administration majoring in finance is a very big edge already and it speaks a lot about your competence and knowledge in the said field. It gives you the cushion to go for big and reputable companies. Big companies are normally stable companies. They give good compensation and a good room for career advancement.

Employment opportunities for masters in finance are abundant. All industries are engaging in businesses and businesses need finance experts. Other than finding jobs directly from companies, you can also find jobs through finance and accounting firms. The nature of these jobs are basically the same as those that are directly connected to a company but the difference is that you aren’t tied up to a single company but you are handling several financial statements from different companies or clients.

There are several jobs to choose from as a master in finance. Find the one that suits you the best.

2.) Consultancy. Being a master in finance speaks a lot. It means that you have acquired deeper and more sophisticated knowledge about finance and management. Being a consultant or putting up your own consultancy is another viable option as a master in finance. If you have a good reputation and good connections, this choice is a promising one. Companies, be it big or rising ones, need consultants to give them projections in the future. In most cases, they acquire the services of a consultant rather than have one for themselves because it could make them cut costs and they won’t need consultants 100% of the time.

Consultancy is all about expertise and since the financial industry covers such a very wide scope, you can choose a thing or two for your expertise. Aside from being a consultant, you can be called as a financial planner or financial expert regarding a particular aspect about finance. Start by accepting small clients to build up and solidify your reputation and later on go to bigger ones.

Consultancy is more about being a freelance or an entrepreneur. The outlook is very good but it requires a lot more than being an employee.

3.) Invest. Probably the best thing that you can do for your money and the best way to be financially free is to invest. As a master in finance, use the knowledge that you acquired to make more money by letting money work for you and grow. The general population doesn’t know how to make the best out from their money and being financially educated that you are, take advantage of it. There are a lot of investments to choose from such as paper assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, or other ways such as starting your own business or engaging in a real estate business.

There are legal issues that should be considered in investments and such complications make people stay away from investments. As a master in finance, you have acquired the knowledge about such legalities and how to handle them giving you a lot easier time to invest.

Investments doesn’t require 100% of your attention thus you can leave it to grow while doing other things that could either give you more money or something that you love.

4.) Teach. This might fall under the employment section but teaching goes beyond mere earning an income. Teaching is imparting your knowledge and educating other people about the things that they either are interested in or things that are so useful for them. The financial industry is one of the most important yet overlooked sectors and people should be educated about it. Ironically, we are being taught about the knowledge and skills that we need in order to earn a living in school yet we aren’t being taught of how to value money.

As a master in finance, the knowledge and probably the experience too that you have acquired are way beyond most people. Such knowledge and experience are what other people need in order to make their lives get better either by having good careers or managing their finances well.

5.) Learn more. The financial industry is a very wide industry and you can never learn everything overnight. Continue to improve your knowledge and reputation by continuing to learn more. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to become so complacent when they achieve a certain educational level such as graduating from college. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people fail to move forward career wise and financially.

Financial skills is one of the most important skills that you should develop and you can only get better by continuously learning more. Enroll in crash courses, attend seminars and trainings, or better yet, pursue another master’s degree or go higher for a doctorate degree. Learning is a continuous process and as long as you continue to learn, you will be in a very good shape.

Going back to school or educating yourself further might not give you income directly but in the long run, it improves your chances in either finding a good job or taking your own path financially.

There are a lot of options to choose from after acquiring a masters degree in finance. However, just realize that if a lot of opportunities are being opened after having such title, there will be a lot more once you achieved something higher or more. Gain more knowledge and/or experience and work on your reputation. If you’ve got the knowledge, experience, and reputation, you will do well in whatever endeavor you get in to. The financial industry is the richest industry, take advantage of it by learning it.