Padding the College Application the Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Applying for college can either be extremely easy or one of the biggest hassles imaginable. For myself, I was able to get a partial basketball scholarship, which helped me to get into that school obviously. It isn’t always this easy for other students, especially those that haven’t performed the best while in high school. However, with a little bit of work and a little padding on the application, you can make your student stand out in the crowd.

One of the best ways to boost your college application is to have college credit. By showing that you can perform at a college level, you are putting yourself ahead of the crowd. In fact many schools will accept anyone that has college credit without requiring testing. This of course can be a huge advantage to those that don’t do well on standardized tests. There are a few ways for students to get these credits. First, they could actually go to college each day. High schools are required to help students that want to go to college, go. So, by removing some of the high school load, a student can easily attend college without much trouble. Start with general education classes that are required at the school that you plan on attending. These classes are generally easy, don’t have a lot of homework, and should be simple enough to take without adding much workload to your daily life. Another thing that you can do is test out of classes. Most colleges offer the chance for students to test out of classes through CLEP/DANTES. These tests are relatively easy and most can be tested out of without any studying required. The key is to go to the library and get a book about the topic, then study a bit, and when you’re ready take the test. If you were to take 10 of these tests you would already be considered a Sophomore in college, and you would have a substantial number of credits towards your degree, shortening the time you would be in college by a substantial amount of time. There are nearly 100 different tests that you can take, so it shouldn’t be hard to find 10 that you can pass.

Next, playing sports, drama, music, art, any of these activities really look great on your application. By participating in virtually anything it shows that you are capable of performing with the added stress in your life. If you aren’t involved in sports, you could do something simple like karate, or really anything that could be considered extra-curricular in nature.